No boot with DVI-D connected

Hi all, I’ve encountered a very annoying issue for the second time.
My setup involves my main monitor being connected via HDMI and a secondary one connected via DVI-D.
After updating using yay, booting with any monitor connected through dvi results in the PC idling and only producing a blank screen after POST. I have tried booting with only either monitor connected trough DVI separately and that, too, only results in a blank screen. However without anything connected through DVI PC boots and works perfectly fine, the secondary monitor behaves as expected if connected after the boot sequence as well.
I already faced that issue a few weeks prior and unable to find a solution just reinstalled endeavor and that fixed the problem.

I’m using a geforce gtx 1080 8 gig and it uses DVI as it’s primary monitor by default, so it POSTs from my secondary monitor. My last update did involve an upgrade for some of the systemd packages but since this issue has already come up before I’m inclined to believe that it’s the act of an upgrade that breaks my system, not the upgrade itself.

Has anyone here dealt with similar problems? If so, how did you solve it? So far I could only find issues with not booting at all online. If you have suggestions on what logs I should turn on/look up please do tell me as well. I don’t really even know where to start with this.

P.S booting off of my windows drive (which I usually have disconnected) or a usb stick with both monitors works perfectly fine.

Are you saying you just reinstalled and that fixed the issue or that was the time before and now you updated again and it isn’t working? Reason being is because if you reinstalled it would be totally updated at the time of the install.

Sorry for ambiguity, When I first encountered this I tried a bunch of things including reinstalling the kernel and nvidia drivers. But it didn’t help, so I reinstalled the whole OS which got things working normally. This is my second time dealing with this and so far I only tried to boot with the iGPU and both monitors, which worked fine.

I have a GTX 1060 in mine running Kde with Wayland which also has DVI. I wish i still had my DVI monitor and i could test it also. Unfortunately i sold it off with some older hardware and replaced it with newer monitors that don’t have DVI. :man_shrugging: