No audio through S/PDIF

Using KDE on a fresh install of Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R3, did not install/alter any audio related packages to my knowledge.
I do not get any audio through SPDIF output.

Background info: I have a soundbar, left and right speakers plus a subwoofer connected directly to MoBo (ASRock X670E Taichi AMD AM5). The speakers work as expected on Win 11 and Mint.

In KDE System Settings there are multiple output devices detected:

I have tried all of them, made sure nothing is muted, etc.

Interestingly if I also connect a separate speaker to the board using the analog 3.5mm jack, I do get audio through that second speaker. Even more interesting, when both speakers are connected and I change the output device to one of the SPDIF, sound still comes out of the analog speaker only.

I.e. choosing any of these ouputs (with digital and analog plugged in) outputs sound through analog 3.5mm speaker only:

So obviously it seems the problem is specifically related to the SPDIF output.

Any help would be appreciated. Happy to provide further detail

Just replying here, digital audio seems to be broken. I can’t get any digital formats through HDMI to my receiver; only PCM seems to be working.
Difference is, I run XFCE and try to use VLC.

I already tried downgrading all pipewire and gst things…