No audio output on resume from sleep

I’ve used Manjaro for a few months before trying EndeavourOS, and have used Ubuntu for quite some time before that. So I noticed a similar issue in Manjaro that the audio would, for a reason unknown to me, stop working after they either upgraded pipewire and installed wireplumber. Sometimes switching the audio output helped.

But the key thing I’ve noticed is upgrading pipewire in both distros caused major audio issues (ie no sound) for me. As for the actual problem in EndeavourOS, if I let my system sleep (audio in this case is outputted from the monitor), and resume from sleep, no audio comes back unless I reboot the computer. I think there may be a way to disable power saving during sleep for HDMI audio in the monitor as a workaround so I can use sleep without issue, but I am uncertain how to do that now. > Link to hardware info

This seems too be a common issue with various HDMI devices - when they lose power they disconnect completely.

If the HDMI device vanishes then a different device will be used; make sure the HDMI output is the default so when it returns it might be used automatically. If that doesn’t help then you’ll need to switch outputs manually (e.g. using pavucontrol).

How do I change the default audio device, just go to audio under System Settings and select a profile? That still messes up after even putting the screen to sleep. Is there some way I can whitelist the HDMI audio device from power savings during screen off or sleep? I’m running powertop as superuser and looking at tunables now… Maybe one of the devices can be disabled from power saving to help with HDMI audio? EDIT: I managed to run sudo powertop, tab over to “Tuneables”, and toggle off power saving for “Runtime PM for PCI Device NVIDIA Corporation TU106 High Definition Audio Controller” and “Runtime PM for PCI Device Intel Corporation Comet Lake PCH cAVS” but now upon reboot the changes are reverted. Which is not good since disabling those two things fixes my audio issues completely.