No audio after updating to Plasma 6

Hello all,

I’m at a loss here… After updating to Plasma 6 on two of three laptops, I’ve lost audio on two… well, kind of. On the SDDM login screen, I have audio (heard when pressing the vol. up and down keys), but when I login, no audio is available whatsoever. No output device is available. I use ffmpeg by default but installed gstreamer as well because I thought that maybe something wasn’t working with ffmpeg. How is it that I can have audio at SDDM screen but none after I’ve logged in? And why would output devices disappear after having updating? Would really like to audio back!

Hopping off for the evening so thanks in advance to any suggestions.

Maybe this will help:

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately it has not remedied the issue. I rolled back to a timeshift back from end of January. I have audio back so I’ll play around a bit and see what I can discover.

Others have had this issue and fixed it in multiple ways, so you can use the search button of the forum to try their fixes.

And yes, rolling back an update is considered as a fix, but only a temporary one because you should keep your system as up-to-date as possible.