No audio after installation, not sure of the cause

Hi, I just installed EndeavorOS KDE edition on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. I checked out many similiar forum posts, alas they weren’t able to fix my problem. I’ve since then reinstalled the OS.

Output of inxi -Aa:

It would be useful if you specified exactly what you have tried so that other people don’t waste their time repeating the same things.

I have tried:

  • Switching to LTS kernel
  • Checking alsamixer for muted channels
  • Installing sof-firmware and rebooting
  • Switching to pulseaudio from pipewire
  • Reinstalling pipewire

I should probably state that the sound doesn’t work on the live ISO either. Headphones work fine when plugged in, the internal speakers are giving me trouble.

That might just be a hardware limitation, there’s a similar issue listed for another Samsung device on

This sort of thing would be fixed if/when support is implemented in future kernel updates.