No announcements on new update issues

I often see update notifications on the system, but when I check the forum, there are no announcements about them or what potential/known issues are. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

It would be good to know what issues could arise from sporadic updates.

When there are issue, they get pinned on top of the forum generally. There are not that many issues…



Unlike fixed-release distributions, you’ll get a pretty steady stream of updates on any rolling release distro, so there’s very rarely an announcement anywhere.


Okay, thank you.

Thank you for the link.

Yes, I’ve been using Manjaro for a few years, so I understand the rolling release. On that forum there are extensive notes of potential problems, which is very useful. I’m not used to regular drip-feeding of updates.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

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But Manjaro is different… Here it’s arch and the updates are not hold up, they come in when released. The forum posts things quickly if there is a problem.


Ah, EndeavourOS is closer to a pure Arch experience?

yes, EndeavourOS actually uses the Arch - Repos (you can check in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist) A small exception is the additional EndeavourOS repo found in /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist which is used for some additional EndeavourOS packages (you can check which are exiting there for example here:

Manjaro says they are a rolling release distribution, but if you are on Manjaro stable, it is basically a rather fast point release distribution :wink:
Only on Manjaro unstable (and for some parts on Manjaro Testing) it really is a rolling release distribution.


This isn’t really true, a rolling release distro doesn’t have to offer packages as soon as they are released. What defines a rolling distro is that they don’t have a stable base.

Significantly closer.


but Manjaro treats their stable channel like a stable base :wink:

Not really. A stable base would mean the library versions would be locked in and only minor version changes would be applied. Manjaro doesn’t do that, they just roll more slowly. They aren’t the only rolling distro that rolls forward more slowly than Arch.


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