Nnn Help - Regarding preview file

I configured nnn with global file preview plugin/setting. But when I activate with it open in a new separate window. I want to open in another new terminal window. In tmux it works fine. It opens in the right pane. What settings should I need to change?

I need like this

It’s stated in the documentation:

The previews will be shown in a tmux split. If that isn’t possible, it will try to use a kitty terminal split. And as a final fallback, a different terminal window will be used ($NNN_TERMINAL).

In other words, you have to set the NNN_TERMINAL environment variable to the terminal emulator you want to use.

Go to /etc/environment:


Save the file. Log out and log back in for changes to take effect.


I set NNN_TERMNIAL=bash but when I activate the preview it changes/shows in the same terminal window but I want in a separate new terminal window.

while adding konsole it gave an error. So I changed it to bash

bash is shell, not a terminal emulator. You need to set the variable to a terminal emulator like konsole, alacritty, or whatever.

Dude. You made a typo. It shouldn’t be capital K. It’s konsole not Konsole

For the post here i typed konsole but in the variable file I gave Konsole only …


You typed “Konsole” with a capital “K”. Like I mentioned already, it needs to be “konsole” with a small “k”.

Oopsy … I read it wrong sorry … 1min lemme change it

Thanks @anthony93 :v: :v: :v: Got it now …

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