Nice little drop down terminal Gnome extension I recently found

Called simply “ddterm”. While it doesn’t have all the themes that Guake has, it does appear to be more customizable overall, including tweaking the “drop down” animation. It also works natively on Wayland.
Guake has been my drop-down terminal of choice for a while, but this has replaced it.


Oh, I never saw Guake, but it sounds a lot like Yakuake, which was (or maybe stilll is) the default terminal on Manjaro with KDE activated with F12 key.

Once I decided to move to go :100:% Gnome, I pored over and found that gem in the rough called ddterm.

It has been been my go-to terminal from the day I installed Gnome–that hottkey is just so darned convenient.

Glad you found it too. I must look into the customizability of it, since I use pure black background with white text. I know it’s boring with no transparency, but my eyesight is not what it used to be. :dark_sunglasses:

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Yea well, since I have a nice wide monitor, I set the terminal font size from 10 to 12 :wink:

I’m definitely going to check this out. I like Pop tiling and like that it could just pop out over the already open windows

That"s what I like about it. and key again and its right back to where you left off.

I had seen the video before but It just got lost for me “under the debris of my daily life” :sweat_smile:

Thanks for bringing it up here! It just made my GNOME ride a whole lot smoother.

A couple things I like (besides tweaking the drop down animation) are.

  • Like with Guake, I can remove all the borders (just use ctrl-d to logout or F12 to retract)
  • I can set the tab bar to only show up if there’s more than one tab active
  • I can set it to compatible with my desktop theme.
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I very much like this. I’ve added it to both my Arch and Fedora computers. Great share!