Nftables version of kvm?

Hi all,

Today I re-installed EndeavorOS root partition, yesterday KVM was able to start up a VM just fine, today its complaining about a nftable getting in the way.

From what I’ve read it seems that KVM isn’t complied against NFTable, the error I’m getting is:

Could not start virtual network 'default': internal error: firewalld is set to use the nftables backend, but the required firewalld 'libvirt' zone is missing. Either set the firewalld backend to 'iptables', or ensure that firewalld has a 'libvirt' zone by upgrading firewalld to a version supporting rule priorities (0.7.0+) and/or rebuilding libvirt with --with-firewalld-zone

Any suggestions on who to fix this?

It is working fine here.

Do you have a libvirt zone in firewalld?

I do under Services for 16509/tcp for libvirt and 16514/tcp for libvirt-tls

Having another issue, but I did fix this, had to enable those rules in the Firewall

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