Next-cloud desktop client

hello i am new to arch so this is a learning curve. my isssue is when i install nextcloud desktop client it seems to install find and i can see it running in a task manager but after the installation the gui disappears i have a icon in the tray but when i click on it does nothing i am running the gnome version can someone help with this thanks.

I thought gnome didn’t have system tray icons anymore without an extension? If you are using an extension, perhaps that is the issue?

ok didn’t know that thanks again i am new to arch and gnome thanks a lot

No problem. I saw that you said that you were new to arch, but not gnome. Hard to gauge where people are at sometimes. Best of luck to you. Feel free to reach out again.

I used gnome for a short time and had the “Tray Icons: Reloaded” extension installed to get the nextcloud-client working as it should.

thanks again i come from zorin os so this feels like a big jump so far i am liking it. i finally got it working it was sort of strange if i click on the icon to open it seem to open with no gui but if i did a search and just hit enter to start it comes up fine no problems again thanks and i am pretty sure this want be my last question.

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