Newbie's Random Issues Troubleshooting Guide?

So look, I’ve used ubuntu/sles/rhel servers for a long long time professionally and privately… I LOVE them… SO, being the tux idiot I am, I’ve taken the leap to want to learn some arch, and I’m forcing myself to do it by running my primary desktop (yep, the one I work from every day) on EndeavourOS…

But here’s the thing… troubleshooting servers - as it turns out - is EAAAAASSSYYYY compared to desktop linux installs… So I wanted to come here and see if there were any recommendations y’all might have for learning to debug linux desktops…

I think the primary thing I find is that it’s always some unique combination… in the server world, things are fairly standardized, but when I’m having issues with Zoom audio related to conference calls that I take from my Jabra Motion docked headset - well, googling that get’s me absolutely nothing… so I’m just wondering how do I learn how to troubleshoot this thing with so many unique peripherals and a lot more variety of software than servers typically have - and I’m guessing most of which comes down to my complete idiocy when it comes to DE’s because we just don’t use them in the server world (part of why the EndeavourOS tagline of a commandline centric system appealed to me)… help! :slight_smile:

Some of the issues I’ve had in my first week with the system:

  • Doesn’t always resume from sleep/hibernate, no idea why, I think maybe something to do with my wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse combo, but even when I usb plug them in it doesn’t fix it. This doesn’t always happen (about 3 times this week it’s happened out of maybe 20-30 times the computer has gone to sleep).
  • Sometimes 3 of 4 monitors come back from that sleep, but the 4th one I have to “touch” through the monitor config UI before it will resume broadcasting.
  • Zoom audio is a charlie-foxtrot… seems to work sometimes… othertimes I have to watch a youtube video to “spark the computer into remembering it knows how to play audio” and then zoom audio magically starts working… but most of the time, nothing, nada in zoom… again I /think/ this is related to the Jabra wireless headset that I use that connects through a motion office dock, but I have no way to tell/debug for sure.
  • The system seems to get real weird relating to hot-plugging/removing monitors… I have 4x monitors, I swap one of them between another system as I’m building that system… linux seems to recover gracefully when it goes back to 4 monitors, but in the time I’m running with 3x monitors all kinds of things can go weird on me regarding display.

There have been a few other quirks I’ve managed to mostly resolve… generally I love the look and feel of the system… but man do I feel out of my depth that I don’t even know what log files or processes to check when things have gone wrong to see if I can try and isolate it down to a certain piece of hardware/software/driver/other… so yeah, any kind of beginners guide to debugging would be awesome!!!

While I can not hazard a guess on the causes to your issues these are 2 good references to start with.

I appreciate these links, any reason they are the same for both? was the arch linux wiki meant to point here: ?

Sorry my mistake. I fixed it.

I’m also new to arch based distros having come from Debian based ones. I’ve found the two wikis already mentioned earlier are great, googling the issue prefixed with arch often gives good answers as well. If not those in this forum who know arch are great to help.

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I’ve done the exact same as you to master the linux desktop, while my issues may be very different they sound pretty similar, for the audio on my desktop it would cut out after a few seconds of silence and take a second to kick back in that I fixed with archwiki-audio-troubleshooting and I currently have an issue on a ryzen 7 series laptop not starting the keyboard when it comes back from suspend, also it has no hibernate option, that seems to be something to do with the acpi settings.