Newbie intro + what folder for downloaded app

Hey everyone,

I’m a new happy EndeavorOS user as of yesterday. Fairly used to Linux, but more GUI than terminal. Still learning.

Switched from Manjaro after I noticed a lot of glitches and hard rebooting making me lose files :frowning:

So now, trying to learn where everything is and getting used to using the terminal. I feel grown up :slight_smile:

Can anyone guide me as to what folder do I to put the downloaded app files form the repository? Once I extract them, I get a folder or more (usr, bin, etc.) and I’m not sure where to put them. I think it’s OK to put them in a new “app” folder, but I’d rather keep things neat and tidy, if possible.

I’m a communication person and need to run Telegram, Signal, and all the jazz. I can’t seem to get ONLYOFFICE running. LibreOffice runs fine. And if anyone knows something as deadbrain simple to use as iMovie on OSX in Linux, that would make my year.

Cheers and many heartfelt thanks to the community!

Welcome to the forum! You don’t need to download app files from repository nor extract them. Pacman automatically keeps them in /var/cache/pacman/pkg and extracts them. Running yay onlyoffice-bin will install onlyoffice for you. Never used iMovie, but Kdenlive will probably be an alternative. You can also look here.

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Thanks friend, I really appreciate that. Man, who would have thunk the terminal could be so easy :slight_smile:

I installed a few more things without problem. I ran into a few hiccups, like not knowing whether or not to removed dependencies. I opted for not, made sense.

Now I need to figure where to find the right file name when installing something. For some reason I can’t install Signal (communication)> I’ll figure it out eventually.

KDEnline is good but it crashed on me many times. Sadly nothing as brainless and intuitive as iMovie. If only I could emulate silly OSx apps. Another topic.

And thanks for the FAG on AUR. That will come in handy. Cheers!

Sry, thanks to you for the pacman and AUR tutorial. Thanks to everyone.

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every beginning is hard, but once you start to understand it will be easier than you think

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Thanks, so far, so good.

I’m running into an hour-long compilation of LibreWolf. Don’t know if that’s normal. We’ll see.

Thanks for the help. Cheers

yay -S librewolf-bin
would be faster as bin is precompiled
Compiling browsers is a long process that’s normal… if you do not do that on a 64 cores CPU :wink:

community/signal-desktop 5.29.0-1 (107.4 MiB 321.7 MiB) 
    Signal Private Messenger for Linux

yay -S signal-desktop

if I understand you you mean for searching for the right package name? mostly applications for linux have the same package names… so if you can not find by search with -Ss you can also search web to find the package name for linux and take it for search

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Ah, so much to learn but loving it. -S, will look more into that. Thanks, will install both now. Thanks for your help!