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Happy holidays guys.

After being 10+ years being a windows user, I finally decieded to switch to Linux distro.

I first installed Endavour on my laptop so that I can get familiar with new the new OS before complete migration. I was wondering which desktop would be the best choice. I prefer a little bit of challenge where I can go away from the GUI friendly windows and be more terminal dependant

Once again happy holidays!


Welcome to the forum, and the Linux world!

KDE Plasma. It’s the most customisable. You can make it very GUI centred (by default it is quite windoze-like), but also terminal centred.

Also, it comes with the best terminal emulator in existence: Konsole, and the best text editor: Kate.


Welcome to EndeavourOS!!
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Just explore your system slowly and get used to linux. There are some things familiar to windows and some things that are different.
Your experiences will also wildly vary on the Desktop Environment you installed. If you provide more details we can give you tips regarding that.

EndeavourOS is also the first linux distro I’ve used on hardware, coming from Windows myself too. But I had 2-3 months of experience using Ubuntu Linux on WSL which made my transition to Linux easier.


i will just say " Welcome + hope you enjoy Endeavouros "


Welcome to the forum!


i wish i saw this reply 5 minutes earlier, cause I already chose Gnome haha. I guess I can always switch to KDE plasma whenver

Oh I know I will

Welcome to the forum

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There is a high probability now that the user might return to windows :rofl:

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I have 2 weeks of holidays before uni starts again, which is why I chose to migrate to an Arch linux variant OS now so that I can get used to the new OS before i’m stuck with tedious assignments

Also use KDE with btrfs file system, btrfs-assistant, snapper and snap-pac on grub boot. I am not a lts kernel user and i prefer the latest and that is why i like the rolling release nature of EndeavourOS. I care that the system works. I care that it performs well and there are not issues. That is why i use EndeavourOS.


Good new I managed to cancle the installation process so I can choose the desktop again. And I have chosen Plasma KDE


Phew, dodged a bullet right there. :rofl:

I also see that in the package installation, I have several optional installation to choose like LTS kernel, zen kernel, XFCE4-desktop,i3-window-manager, accessibility tools, etc. My gut intuition says that even though they all look useful, I should go for the ones that best suit my needs (i’m a web developer that doesn’t have much experience with neither bash nor terminal but willing to invest the time). Again any tips are more than welcome

oh that is a great tip thnx!!

I like to have more than one kernel installed. I normally use linux-lts but mainline linux is good as a backup. It really depends on your hardware – most likely, you won’t notice any difference between them.

Don’t install more than 1 desktop, you’ll get conflicts. Stick to KDE Plasma.

You’ll figure out the terminal along the way. Most of the things you can do in GUI, only it may be more efficient to do them in the terminal. The exception, on EndeavourOS at least, is package management (installing and removing software), this has to be done through the terminal.

Read this:

When it comes to btrfs vs. ext4, I prefer ext4, because it is simpler, faster, and more reliable. Btrfs has some very fancy features, like copy-on-write, but I honestly have no need for that. You may be different in that regard. It comes down to personal preference, both are excellent filesystems.

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If you install xfce you can select also i3 and install both together and log into each. They work really well together. They are the only desktops i personally would ever install together because they work! You can select the kernels on install and you won’t be disappointed.

Edit: As @Kresimir suggest ext4 is a good way to go especially if this is for University and you want to just use it and not have to deal with any issues.

Edit: Once installed you can install pacseek which is a great Tui based tool for installing or removing packages and updating along with using the standard package manager pacman and also the AUR helper yay. These three will be your go to.

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Gnome is great but not for everyone. Once you encounter some bugs with KDE you can always try out gnome again, your system your choice :grin:

I was on gnome this fall but might try KDE or cinnamon over holidays :wink:

Edit: my preferred choice is however wm, i3wm or spectrwm at the moment…

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@Kresimir @ricklinux damn you guys gave me more practical information within 30 minutes than my Uni can provide in 3 years. After much consideration I decided to go with ext4 for stability and reliablity since most of my files doesn’t require advanced features.

@ricklinux I will follow up on your advice and install bot xfce and i3. Fingers crossed