"New" - View partly broken

Since the downtime this week, whenever I access the forum and click on “New” it actually displays the latest - section. Only when clicking “New” again, it shows me the New - Section. I already cleared my browser cache, but it doesn’t change anything.

Now that you told, I also checked and got the same results as you.

Hmm…I can’t replicate that here.

to visualize:
thats after the first click on “New”:

and that is after the second click:

Before the downtime, it would go directly to the view of the second click

Edit: Tried it in another browser (I usually use Firefox - now I used Vivaldi for the first time in weeks, had to login there first) - Same behaviour.

Additional information:
The issue also happens with “Unread” if I click that one first after accessing the forum. First click displays latest, second click displays the actual “Unread” topics.

I acknowledge that there are some slightly broken features after the migration, which can’t be solved in the terminal or in the settings. The discourse team is going to review our backup to see where things went wrong. After that they can give me more clear instructions. So, be patient.


no worries, it is only a slight annoyance that I wanted to report as I saw no other report of it. It is nothing serious that would need an immediate fix.