New version of Enlightenment

I’m really looking forward to using this.
In my opinion it’s one of the most, if not even the most, beautiful DEs out there and configurable as hell.
I hope it’ll be in the repositories soon.


I thought it is a WM :slight_smile: I’ve never tried it. What makes it more configurable than your average WM?

That changed. You’re right in one aspect. It used to be a WM in earlier Versions. But due to increase in functionality and features it is called Desktopenvironment (according to german Wiki) nowadays. The english Wiki still calls it Windowmanager. I personally would even think it’s legit to call i3 a Desktopenvironment although it is technically a Windowmanager (according to the definitions I know and how I use them). According to my definitions every WM is also a DE. I’m not really keen in drawing a line between both.

I’m not sure if it’s more configurable than other DEs. :wink: But you can configure hundreds(?) of settings via it’s own DE settings without having to mess around with configuration files spread in any hidden place on your system.

When I’m back home I could show you some screenshots, if you’re interested in the topic.

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Well, seems like we have different definitions of that. According to mine if a WM is trying to pretend being a DE, the result is going to be a bad WM as well as a bad DE, but what do I know :slight_smile:

It’s usually what graphical settings do… Normal text-file config is easy to find, modify and it is portable.

I will give it a try and see for myself :slight_smile:

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That’s kind of understatement. I think there can’t be two opinions about this. :wink:
Obviously you know more about that topic than I do. I’m just trying to simplify things for myself in a reasonable way.

Portability is an argument for sure. But it’s less time consuming to click using GUI than starting an editor and begin to hack a configuration. If you’ve done that before it might be kind of fast. But if you’re a beginner in that field, you’ll first have to read some (many) pages. At least when it’s up to WM/DE configuratin. That would be anything but fast.
I heard rumors that it can be fun for people to do things like that. :wink: If that’s the case, the situation is totally different. Just enjoy it. Luckily we use Linux and we do have choices.
The only textfiles I usually edit manually is, when it’s up to ssh and weechat.

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So, I gave it a try :slight_smile:


The initial configuration was somewhat confusing, because none of the usual movement keys worked and I thought it’s stuck when it asked whether I want tiling or PC profile. Turned out I had to choose everything using the mouse. Overall it seems to rely on mouse a lot, but it is probably a configuration thing. Speaking of which, you were right - there are plenty of options. 3 options of whether I want to keep my windows inside screen limits? :crazy_face: Mm, I’d take any sane default, but whatever… And I got lost in the options as always :sweat_smile: There’s one I can’t seem to find and which draws me crazy - it is switching to a different workspace automatically when the cursor happens to touch an edge of the screen. I turned off flip in ScreenVirtual Desktops, but it is apparently not it… Help :cold_sweat:

edit: or should I open a separate topic about that? Since it seems somewhat off-topic here. I apologize if it is :slight_smile:

edit2: my problem was fixed btw. Enlightement defined “Edge bindings” for me, which were doing all this nonsense. It is in “Input” menu, if I remember correctly.

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Conversely, if you are a beginner, I am not sure Enlightenment is the right place to start. Especially if you are starting from a clean install where you get immediately bombarded with setting options that you probably won’t understand.

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That’s a valid argument. A beginner maybe should start with an easier to handle DE/WM. Maybe my statement was not totally clear. I was just comparing doing settings in Enlightenment to setting up stuff editing config files. I guess in that comparison using the Terminal is the harder route.


That’s exactly what happend to me the first time I used Enlightenment. What drove me nearly nuts was, that the window, over which the mouse is hovering is instantly becoming the active one. But when you got used to it, I think it is a great feature. One can change that in the settings too. But in the meantime I prefer that behaviour, when I use Enlightenment.
There are indeed some default settings, that are, partially, very different compared to standard usabilty/patterns. And sometimes you really have to fight your way finding the appropriate setting.

I really tried to get used to it, but weird defaults, tiling not working at the beginning for some reason and then finally, segfault were too much for me. I prefer WM just doing it’s job and staying out of the way. Switched to dwm and finally feeling comfortable. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

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