New user - how long does it usually take for the Nvidia Driver for EOS to get updated?

No rush or anything, just having a hard time finding out. I would rather wait on it to be updated officially for the OS, rather than installing otherwise. I figure this would cause the least amount of issues.

Unless I am misunderstanding and I should just update it through pacman/yay.

Drivers are in testing repo. And yes you can updated through pacman/yay, when its avaliable.

Some info to read:


Thanks, I definitely missed that topic. I am not clear if the update will come thru automatically. I think it will though? I have Nvidia currently installed.

EndeavourOS does not automatically install anything on your system. If you want to install/remove/or update something, that requires you to specifically tell your system to do it, either you can run a pacman command like sudo pacman -Syu or use the AUR helperyay in a terminal which will update your system for example. In regards to nvidia drivers, that is not a package that the EndeavourOS team updates, it is actually part of the Arch repos, so when the Arch team is satisfied that an nvidia driver in testing is stable enough, then they will release it for the rest of us. Generally, the nvidia drivers get updated at least once a month or so in my experience.


Right, I’m aware that updates come thru because I get notified. As I said, I have Nvidia installed, so I’m expecting to not need to do anything extra other than just wait for that update to come thru and install it when I get that notification.

Yes correct, you won’t need to do anything extra. Simply running one of the two commands I mentioned above to update your system will also update the nvidia drivers when the update is released and available in the repos.

I’ll let you in on a not so secret secret, but if you want to simply check for updates without actually installing any updates, you can use the command checkupdates (with no spacing) and pacman will run and simply display any updates IF there are some available. If there aren’t any available, then the command will simply return nothing. Now additionally, if you have any AUR packages as well you can run checkupdates; yay -Qua which will do what I mentioned before, but yay -Qua will also check and display any updates from the AUR if there are any, otherwise it’ll return nothing back as well. Just something I learned along the way that comes in handy sometimes.


I think most of this I have handled pretty easily because I use Pamac. It makes things pretty painless for me.

Just be aware Pamac is made by the Manjaro team, so it’s built and based off their own versions of packages, and since Manjaro devs use different repos than the Arch repos that we use on EndeavourOS, sometimes there are conflicts and breakages that can occur. To minimize or even eliminate that possible headache, I would encourage the use of a terminal whenever possible, especially when updating your system. Now ultimately it is your system so use it however you like in whichever way works best for you. For myself, I have Pamac installed as well. However, I don’t use it to update my system, I really only use it for it’s search functions and the info I can get from that. In any case good luck with your system and enjoy using EndeavourOS :slight_smile:


Hmm, I see your point. But since you also have it installed - do you just wait for the icon to notify you and then update thru the terminal? I ask because when I click the icon, Pamac pops up. I have pamac-aur now since it seems pamac-all has just been abandoned.

My thinking was that since pamac-aur shows me which repositories comes from EndeavourOS, I should be relatively safe (I default to those where applicable).

Run checkupdates in the terminal first to list pending updates, then update using pacman if you wish.

For big updates you could wait a day or two to avoid potential issues.

No need for flashing app indicators and the like.


Yes I have pamac-aur installed as well, but I don’t have it enabled for pamac to notify me of updates. This is because once you’re on an Arch system for a while, you can almost guarantee there will be updates every single day. So practicality wise do I need to be notified every day for updates when I know there will be? It’s kind of redundant in my experience. But some users like being notified of updates, so it serves a purpose to those who find it useful. For myself I generally will run sudo pacman -Syu once or twice a day to check for updates. Most users here would agree that updating once a week or so will be fine; I just like to do it daily. If you want to disable pamac notifying you in the pamac settings under General, just turn off “Check for updates”

The EndeavourOS team actually created eos-update-notifier which you can find in the Welcome app under the After Install tab called “Configure eos-update-notifier”
In a basic sense, it checks for updates at a specified time interval you set, and will notify you of any updates with a notification. That notification will not open up to pamac though, it is simply just that, a notification, or a reminder if you will to update your system however you like at your earliest convenience.

Actually the update notifier showed up automatically on my new install on gnome…

I kind of like it, it shows how many pending updates.

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Like I said if something is useful to you, by all means use it. Seeing how many updates are incoming can be a useful notifier for sure. I already use eos-update-notifier so having pamac also notify me makes little to no sense. It’s always hard for me to remember exactly which EOS tool(s) are installed by default and which ones I’ve added myself, but I do also use the eos-update-notifier to go off everyday at midnight. I’m always awake then, but I mostly just use it as a reminder to myself like, “hey you!! you didn’t update enough times today, so here’s one more update for you to install!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats basically what I am saying. But everyone its own choice.

Anything updated in Arch will be updated in EOS at the same time once it is out.

You should always update with pacman/yay and packages will be updated from repos/AUR respectively.

There’s a rather big Nvidia issue that is coming down the line regarding it 470 drivers that will require some choices and intervention on your part of this falls in your lap.

I don’t know much more about it really though because I won’t ever buy anything with Nvidia.

See if this applies to you here: Nvidia drops 700 (Kepler) into legacy branch (470xx) - #8 by Locutus


Thanks for the replies everyone. I did forget about eos-update-notifier, I will set that back up. It would be nice to have our own version of Pamac but can’t win 'em all I suppose, and it still gets the job done.

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Driver is already out

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I wonder how long before my GTX 1060 is toast? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Was it really only released three years ago? That’s what I’m seeing. If so I hope that it would be around for a while

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