New user from Belgium

I’m a male of 50 years old. I use Linux in dual boot with Windows.
I think I’m a distrohopper. :grinning:
In the past I did install Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro.
Now, I did discover EndeavourOS.
I’m impressed by the quantity of documentation!
I hope to learn a lot here on this forum and maybe I can help someone…


Welcome to the :enos: forum!

Welcome on :enos:-Forum!

Welcome to the forum!

Hello and welcome @Alain :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

hello @Alain ; have a good time with :enos:

Welcome to the forum :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome to the purple side of Linux :enos:

Welcome @Alain
I think we have a cure for that! :wink: