New user coming from Manjaro

Hello there,

I switched to Endeavour on Wednesday this week from Manjaro. As well as switching from KDE to Xfce.

My main reason for switching was doubts about the latest stable update, which after a wait of 4 weeks seemed to be breaking systems. After reading the recent troubles occuring with the team over the last 24hrs I feel like it was the right choice.

I used Antergos back in the day for a few years, up until just before they stopped, so it’s nice to see some faces I recognise from then. Not that I was ever much of a contributer to the forum, more of a lurker.

Anyways, it’s been a good experience so far and I’ve even done some basic customisation to suit my needs.

Keep on keeping on





Thanks, I’ll be switching my desktop as well, but at the moment I don’t need to go to our workshop.


I’m actually doing the same. Switching from Manjaro GNOME to Endeavour KDE. As I type this I’m in the live usb installing over my Manjaro installation.



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I spent about 2 mins trying the live environment before deciding to install :smiley:

This was after reading a bit about the project. I had followed it in its early days but forgotten about it until recently.


Thank you

Welcome to the fun :beers: Enjoy yourselves and don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way

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Cheers :beers:

Welcome to the forum. Questions are as welcome as answers - and often the questions (why doesn’t a=b type) are, or lead to, the actual answers! It’s a friendly place, with access to answers from all over - anywhere Arch itself is used actually…

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Thank you

Thank you.

When I installed my gnome with nvidia driver, there are only two entries in gdm “xorg and classic”.Photo 2020-07-25 00-02-34

Welcome and +1 for EndeavourOS KDE!