New update breaks Gnome Extensions

Yes but plasmoids and widgets in KDE do have a built in system that you can use to find/update/install, unlike Gnome which you either have to use some EXTERNAL webpage or AUR. “Extensions” in plasma feel and acts more integrated.

Can we please keep this on topic. It’s not a gnome versus plasma thread. It’s about the latest update, which extensions are an issue, and what the problems being reported with them are.


Couldn’t agree more.


I believe we’re still on topic. The “New update breaks Gnome Extensions” issue repeats together with every new GNOME version, and we’re talking about why it happens.


I haven’t had any issues with the updates, but I only use a few extensions:

Another GNOME user reporting in! No issues here either. I’m using about… 12 extensions (I really didn’t think I was using that many, yikes!) :exploding_head:


Another Gnome Head. I only use dash-to-panel all OK after update.



And it usually isn’t when people remember to disable them prior to updating.


I am reckless as all get out … extensions installed from gnome extensions website and I just run updates without disabling anything. :slight_smile:


Let’s keep this thread clean, if you don’t like Gnome than it’s is your good right, but the purpose of this thread is to inform the Gnome users which extension do or do not work after this update and also when a certain update solved the issue.

It is a bit annoying to plow through the reasons why Gnome sucks from non-Gnome users, while you’re looking for updates on this issue.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be careful updating my main desktop. :+1:

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You used to do the same with Gnome, but then you are forced to update not good.
As for AUR no way do I ever use AUR they all update from Gnome extensions, installed extensions page. hence when users update from repro and they break mine don’t as i use vanilla extensions direct from Gnome

Well regardless of preferences and wish-lists of extension managers being internal integration or not, lets journey back to the original key problem. Why do outdated gnome extensions cause major issues with the OS, when this is not the case with others (siting KDE as one example?)

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@tinymeat … can you tell me one of the extension that isn’t working for you? I want to mess around with a broken extension to see if I can get any ideas in response to the question posed by @RodneyCK

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Come to the dark side. Join KDE Plasma :wink:


Ya’ll insist on running bleeding-edge but squall like babies when you get a little bloody!

Fer chrissake, if you insist on running GNOME but don’t want the breakage, may I recommend Red Hat or CentOS?


Running GNOME3, all my extensions are fine post update. The ones I run are (aside from standard ones provided):

  • Dash to dock
  • Multiple timezones
  • Kstatusnotifieritem support

Yes, it’s pretty the same as for the users who reported here: