New Ubuntu 24.04LTS

New Buntu LTS release Noble Numbat. Its been a while I havent used it, currently using Pop OS for work.

There seems to be a new installer. The config file could be potentially interesting.

Little DT video


Waiting for Linux Mint 22 now. I don’t like snaps much :sweat_smile:


was thinking the same when they started doing it with FF. Dont know how things look now but got slowed down that browser for a while.

Mint I never had a stable experience for whatever strange reason, but its been years I havent tried it.

I lost interest in anything Ubuntu back in 2017 and have never looked back. :crazy_face:


Shame new uBLUNDER release.

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Just installed a VM with Ubuntu 24.04 with btrfs filesystem, btrfs assistant, snapper and grub-btrfs.
Now I just have to try it.


I am giving it a try in vmware just to check out how they are handling zfs.


I thought that headline was going to be OTT, but not sorting manually installing debs because “we didn’t have the capacity to work on this for 24.04” is ridiculous :face_with_monocle:

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Yes agreed, especially for an LTS version. Good thing the command-line can overcome all things: dpkg -i

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I guess it’s fair to say that Ubuntu is no longer based on Debian, nor a Debian derivative any longer. Sure has become a “bait and switch” since 20.04. They should just rename, if they have any integrity, really…

Ubuntu made a name for itself for being the distro that had the widest range of hardware support out of the box… including “just installing” on Macs.

But forcing slow snaps on old hardware, it has definitely lost that title, even if it actually installs. I understand all their design decisions etc… but it’s just hideous and “not the Linux way”.

It was great while it lasted… so long and thanks for all the fish, Ubuntu. But its now just another Android, and with the advent of AI I’m sure that the original “Linux” way can be improved and expanded… who will take its place? … I’ve got my popcorn out.


Yes, Linux Mint will base itself on Ubuntu 24.04 for its 22 series, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they had switched to Debian by the 23 series in 2026.

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To some degree, I would love to see them switch to Debian. Drop the Ubuntu based version, drop MATE and add KDE Plasma back as an option.


I’m not so sure about that. At the time, Clem Lefebvre said:

I’m fairly sure that would still apply now.


Well, that kinda sucks since last time I tried Cinnamon for my stuff, it was somewhat junky. I will give it another try, though.

Exactly! :wink:

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Cinnamon is working great for me here on EndeavourOS :enos: With Mint, depending on the age of your hardware, you might need to use the Edge ISO -

They already provide LMDE:

What is LMDE?

LMDE is a Linux Mint project which stands for “Linux Mint Debian Edition”.

Its goal is to ensure Linux Mint can continue to deliver the same user experience if Ubuntu was ever to disappear.

I know about it. My wish is more that they would ditch basing their distro on Ubuntu and just to go with Debian instead, considering the direction Canonical is taking with it.

I guess I should have been more explicit here. I play games quite a lot on my PC and back when I was running Mint, there was noticeable input lag, playing in fullscreen. Admittedly, my computer back then was pretty bad, so I’m willing to try Cinnamon again, now with a better computer, to see how things work.

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