New to i3wm but some things not working

I switched to Endeavor a few months ago after running Manjaro for a few years. It was great, though I wanted to move more into a Window manager than a desktop environment so I reinstalled using i3.

Pretty cool in concept, bit it seems like a lot of basic things aren’t working as intended, or maybe I don’t understand how they are supposed to work.

  1. The first one is mapping caps lock to left ctrl, in my .config/i3/config I have the line exec --no-startup-id setxkbmap -option 'ctrl:nocaps' and that doesn’t work (maybe it’s the wrong command?) the only thing I got to work is adding overrides to .Xmodmap, but then I need to run xmodmap .Xmodmap every time I log in. How do I persist these settings in i3?

  2. The hotkeys for adjusting window size don’t seem to work, at least not the defaults. Hitting mod+r then arrow keys does not do it? Again could be wrong?

  3. Dunst doesn’t seem to respect it’s config file, as it’s supposed to display in the upper-right but it displays in the lower right, no matter what the setting is.

Thanks for advance for any help, this distro as a whole is incredible and I am amazed at how friendly the community is.

Could you give us some more info (your i3 and dunst configs, dunst logs…) ?
Thank you.

I bet user is talking about defaults :wink:
Welcome here @Lucas

It is indeed set to bottom right. You may changed the default systemwide config instead?

This is commented by default .
But you should p.e. use mod and hold drag with the mouse and the i3 default should work.

Outside of creating an .Xmodmap, everything is default as installed by the EndeavorOS installer with the i3 box checked in “desktop environments”

This seems to allow me to move other windows into other containers, but not set the width of two windows (or containers?)

I might not be using the terminology right, but if I want one container (full of terminals) to take up 30% of the screen, and another container of the browser taking up 70%, is the Resize mode not the way to do it?

I figured one of them out, where I used

exec --no-startup-id xmodmap -e "keycode 66 = Control_L" within .config/i3/config instead of what I had

Is pressing mod and press hold move right mouse button also not sizing Containers?

If I hold mod (win key for me) and then hold left mouse button on a window, it allows me to move the window to a different workspace, or split it out (but not change the sizes). If I hold right mouse button while holding mod key, nothing happens.