New to EOS, problems with KDE 6

Hi everyone,

This is my first time on Endevour OS. I’ve been on Manjaro until now but problems with black screen at startup / updates breaking my NVIDIA GPU drivers made me change to EOS.

Overall EOS performs much better than Manjaro but I have a couple problems which I think are related to KDE 6.

My task-panel icons reset each time my system reboots (they get removed), but the icons placed on desktop seem to be fine.

When I lock desktop icons from being moved, after the reboot the check mark for locking icons is unchecked. It’s like my settings keep getting reset.

If I logout after editing icon positions and relogin, the icons are there where I left them even after a reboot.

I am using two monitors, when pressing win/meta+p, this will open a quick way to manage monitor GUI. My problem is that none of the options work when clicking on them. For example “Unity outputs” does nothing.

At first I thought this might be an NVIDIA related issue but my friend who recommended EOS to me also has the same problem with her AMD GPU.

My system is updated (yay -Syu).

TLDR; Settings for multiple monitors do nothing, can’t unify outputs or use other options via win/meta+p shortcut and desktop settings reset at every reboot.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

For the task manager icons on the panel. Do you have the panel configured to sort them, which is why they would reset? I forget what the default is, but does it still do that if you change it to unsorted.

That also does nothing for me, but I have never used it before on dual monitors, so I’m not sure if it ever worked for this use case in the first place. I am also on nvidia.

If it did use to do something, then maybe it is a bug and you should file a bug report.

Thanks for the reply,

In the Icons-only Task Manager Settings the sorting is set to manually. I have noticed that if I add an icon to my task-panel and logout&relogin, the icon positions is where I left, so it this works and then if I reboot the system, the icon will stay still there as it should be.

But if I just add icon to my task-panel and then reboot and skip the relogin part, after rebooting the icon will be gone.

Alright, took a minute, but I managed to confirm this. There was a bug report opened about this. Not sure if that was you, but I added my inputs as well.

If you take a minute to look at the KDE-neon forum, which is the customized ubuntu released by KDE dev’s to use KDE and/or develop it, you will see a ton of people complaining about the bugs, and like what you have reported, in KDE 6 they just released.

They are busy right now going around apologizing to everyone about the failed release, which has so many bugs right now it’s unusable for many people. You might also find some solutions there eventually.

That’s the first place to look for info on KDE.

There’s two links, the regular forums are for KDE in general, and the neon subsection is for their customized distribution which just recently released KDE 6 in it’s stable branch, that everyone is complaining about.

Thanks everyone for clarification. I hope these bugs will not be too difficult for the devs to fix. :grinning:

It was not me, but it seems KDE 6 came with bugs. So far I kinda managed to go around the issue with relogin to the user. As for the moment KDE 6 is usable enough. :grinning:

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If you are on wayland, you might want to switch to x11 for now.
So far wayland with nvidia has been more problematic than with other GPUs.
In time the devs will fix many wayland related bugs, so there is hope… :wink:

And welcome to the forum! :smile:

Every major release comes with bugs. I’m fixing a few myself which is pretty cool that I can do that.

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