New to EOS, looking for tasks

Sorry if this is a stupid post. I’m new to EOS. Not all that new to Linux, I’ve been playing around with it for decades. I installed EOS after months of distro hopping and I really like it. I will probably stick with it as my main OS.

I’m looking for some things to do with it to help me learn it and Arch better, like some tasks to deep dive a bit into the OS. I really don’t care if I break it I’ll just reinstall.

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Perhaps have a look at modifying or creating your own PKGBUILD files. It’s a good way to learn the ins and outs of the system, as well as a foundational aspect of software installation.

If you get pretty comfortable with that, you might even adopt an orphan AUR package and become a maintainer.


Thank you, I will look into that.

^^ a great active primer on how yay and pacman function in relation to the arch base. taskin to be found
^^ a place to easily inspect anything you bring in from the AUR–complete transparency

if you’ve been around the block then you know how the guts work: systemd.

this should satisfy your itch for cli ‘tasks’ (we all have it :smiley:)–
–also this site has a first-rate ‘search’ function and it’s there’s a lot of down and dirty tasking there.

the ‘arch way’ has its own syntax and individuality in many respects, and easy to learn.

unless you are trying to sell me something then I say there are no stupid posts. welcome!


Thanks a lot that will give me lots to dive in to!

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The better way is just to install vanilla Arch the Archway.

I’d suggest the same, learn to install Arch and run it for a bit. Then come back to EOS for the QoL improvements but we all learn in our own ways, so good luck and welcome! I learned the most from gentoo, ran that for about 6 months. Just got tired of spending an entire day updating :smiley:

Good idea guys, I have another older laptop maybe I’ll install vanilla arch on.

I’ve done some similar installs, Freebsd and older Slackware, but definitely would like to learn the arch way.