New to endeavour(or any arch based distro) - Is my list of precautions good enough?

Hey there
So I’ve been a Debian user for a long time but sometimes stuff that isn’t on backports in stable makes me have to deal with flatpaks which i’m not a fan of(i’m not a fan of snaps as well, appimages are so/so). So I decided to go for a rolling release distro but with lots of packages so decided to go with Arch or anything with a simple gui installer(because as you get old you get lazier over setting up things and then installing everything to make sure your WM or DE don’t look terrible). So Endeavour was my choice, heard plenty of good things from it, very close to vanilla arch and a great community.

Anyway, rolling releases aren’t like Debian stable where I install once and I can ignore my system for ages only doing security updates. So this is my list of “what to do to minimize/eliminate problems” in a rolling release

Install linux-lts(good enough for my hardware and needs)
Don’t spam install everything from the AUR
Take a look once in a while at the AUR packages from the AUR website and see if there’s any package I currently have being discontinued
Backup my /home data and a list of the software I have installed daily
Update the system once per week(probably on fridays)
Check the Arch and Endeavour news to see if any manual intervention is needed

It’s not like I want to baby system a OS but I understand with rolling release there’s always some tweaks that eventually might need you to get your hands dirty.

If there’s anything else I should be doing please let me know


Hi @krauser Welcome!

Sounds like a solid plan to me. If anything i’ll add keep an eye on the announcements section here as well as the newbie section. I try to keep duplicate posts about announcements in that section because well you know new users tend not to read announcements :grinning: You may also want to keep more than one kernel installed. This way should you have an issue with one you can always boot into the other kernel to try and solve the problem and / or seek help here.




It is a good todo list. But if you a pacman wrapper, like yay, it will tell you when an AUR package is outdated.

Besides this, nothing to add, but welcome.


Nothing to ad except welcome :slight_smile:

…well maybe one thing. I find it useful to make an alias for updating that also auto-cleans old package versions automatically.

Also, speaking of AUR: Look into Timeshift. It is a very good backup tool.

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I agree 100%. So much so that I “stole” your scripts from a previous post. Note some small updates a few posts down. Also, the whole topic is full of useful info and great scripts to “steal”.

Welcome! :smile:

I think you came to the right place!
Your list is a very good one, all thoughts are in the right direction.

Maybe one thing to emphasize: if you have anything to ask or comment, please do not hesitate to do so!
You will get well informed and friendly answers here.



Welcome @krauser!
Debian is a respectful distro, some things change, but in the end Linux = Linux

Feel free to consult what you think is convenient, the community will assist you properly!

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