New system, ProtonVPN doesn't want to connect

With both the AUR version (aur/proton-vpn-gtk-app) and Flatpak (com.protonvpn.www) showing the same problem, I cannot seem to connect to ProtonVPN using my new EOS system. This is the log part during the connection (here from the Flatpak version):

2024-05-27T09:04:08.138808 | | INFO | Network connectivity was detected.
2024-05-27T09:04:09.767557 | | INFO | UI.TRAY:CONNECT | Connect to fastest server
2024-05-27T09:04:09.828209 | proton.vpn.core.connection:160 | INFO | CONN.CONNECT:START | Server: DE#145 / Domain: / IP: / OpenVPN Ports: ProtocolPorts(udp=[80, 51820, 4569, 1194, 5060], tcp=[443, 7770, 8443]) / WireGuard Ports: ProtocolPorts(udp=[443, 88, 1224, 51820, 500, 4500], tcp=[443]) / Protocol: openvpn-udp / Backend: None
2024-05-27T09:04:09.871106 | proton.vpn.connection.vpnconnector:238 | INFO | CONN:STATE_CHANGED | Connecting
2024-05-27T09:04:10.121681 | proton.vpn.backend.linux.networkmanager.core.networkmanager:91 | INFO | VPN server REACHABLE.
2024-05-27T09:04:10.204087 | proton.vpn.connection.vpnconnector:238 | INFO | CONN:STATE_CHANGED | Error
2024-05-27T09:04:10.204239 | proton.vpn.connection.states:334 | WARNING | Reached connection error state: AuthDenied (<enum NM_VPN_CONNECTION_STATE_REASON_NO_SECRETS of type NM.VpnConnectionStateReason>)

(protonvpn-app:2): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 11:04:10.204: gtk_widget_get_scale_factor: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
2024-05-27T09:04:10.206966 | | INFO | VPN connection drop was detected.
2024-05-27T09:04:10.207149 | | INFO | VPN reconnection not possible: fatal connection error.
2024-05-27T09:04:10.223062 | | ERROR | APP:ERROR | Reconnection not possible due to authentication error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/app/lib/python3.11/site-packages/proton/vpn/app/gtk/services/reconnector/", line 148, in _on_reconnection_error
    raise AuthenticationError("Reconnection not possible due to authentication error.")
proton.vpn.connection.exceptions.AuthenticationError: Reconnection not possible due to authentication error.
2024-05-27T09:04:14.788487 | | INFO | UI:DISCONNECT | Disconnect from VPN
2024-05-27T09:04:14.788730 | proton.vpn.connection.vpnconnector:238 | INFO | CONN:STATE_CHANGED | Disconnected

For this Flatpak version I would think that missing dependencies cannot be the cause, so I am a bit out of ideas on how to proceed. I cannot seem to find any mention of NM_VPN_CONNECTION_STATE_REASON_NO_SECRETS anywhere on the net, but that might be a message that’s specific to Proton.

I can probably just fetch some OpenVPN or Wireguard configs from their website and use Network Manager, but that robs me a bit of the flexibility of their application, and importing 300+ connections is a very nerve wrecking manual process.

Maybe somebody has any ideas?


There are multiple mentions in Google of NM_VPN_CONNECTION_STATE_REASON_NO_SECRETS , including explanation:

No secrets are available, but are needed for the connection

I have no idea where you put those credentias, tells something about Linux, and they have whole help section on the left.

It’s been a while since I used ProtonVPN, but if you have the kill switch active, try disabling that for your initial connection. Then, if you’re able to successfully connect, re-activate the kill switch.

You could try the older version from the AUR protonvpn
I still have this on my system and it works as I need it too

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I had a similar issue on a different Arch distro a few months back. My solution was to go to network settings and delete the pvpn-killswitch and another that had ‘dummy’ in the name from the wired ethernet connection list.

After using the settings and disabling everything there is to disable (especially killswitch), I can say that the problem stays the same. However, I could only test it using the Flatpak for now. I might try with the gtk-app from the AUR later again.

Thanks for your help so far.