New sanity check for NVIDIA: propagation

As stated in the neo changelog: “Apps UpdateInTerminal , eos-update-notifier and welcome include this update check.”

Question: do I have to re-install my system or is this sanity check propagated automatically to these Apps?

You don’t need to reinstall.

If you have those applications installed, they will get updated with your normal updates.

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That said, should this procedure not include the sanity check rather than the Apps?

I believe they are checks related to updates.

OK, so if not using these Apps, I might miss and run into e.g. most recent problems?

The EOS apps like UpdateInTerminal do no additional checks if you are running the nvidia-dkms driver package.

But if you are using drivers packages like

  • nvidia (with kernel linux)
  • nvidia-lts (with kernel linux-lts)

then those additional checks will be performed.

The recommended Nvidia driver package is nvidia-dkms because it has proven to be less error prone regarding package updates.


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