New Razer keyboard

One of my KeyTronic keyboards finally died. Stopped at Best Buy to look for a replacement.
Requisites. No wire-less, no flat chicklet keys, so I ended up with a Razer Huntsman Elite with opto mechanical keys.

At check out, placed the keyboard on the counter and the young (guessing 19 or 20) male clerk looks at it and says.
“Oh wow, one of the new gaming keyboards with the opto mechanical keys. You buying this for your son? He is going to love this.”
Bear in mind I am 71 yrs old, so he assumes a keyboard with RGB and opto mechanical keys equals no need for a gaming keyboard for you.
I said I have arthritis in my fingers, and I liked the soft touch of the keys. He looked at me like I had no business even looking at computer stuff.

Anyway, I like the keyboard and got openrazer and polychromatic installed and set all keys to a nice EndeavourOS purple.



I also got a razor keyboard but a little bit less satisfied.

It looks great and I got it in the new razor shop in San Francisco while on travel!

But my major problem are the clicking keys, often I miss a keystroke or I push the button next to the space bar and it kind of jumps my cursor or does stuff I don’t want. Not very good for writing unfortunately. My current favorite keyboard is actually a wired keyboard I got for free with a lenovo small business tower.

At 70 I would probably be a gamer!

Thanks for the tip on openrazor, have not tried it yet on linux!

Edit: got the huntsman tournament edition, should have gotten your model :thinking:

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This was an enjoyable story. Not sure why it made my smile.

Was it plug and play?

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It was Pudge and Play :wink:


This is a nice keyboard and these mechanical type keyboards aren’t cheap. I have an HP version and i also have a cooler master clicky type memchanical both RGB with their own firmware chip onboard. Both i like but the Razor i know is much nicer as it is quite a bit more expensive. Mine remind me of typing on a typewriter. I like them because they feel solid. Mine are wired also. They are just so much better than a cheap crappy run of the mill keyboard.


Almost. I had to install some AUR packages to be able to configure it.

I used openrazer-meta in the AUR. Being a meta package it installs everything you need.
Then add your user to the plugdev group
Install polychromatic from the AUR.

At that point, I had the polychromatic entry in Settings.


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Thank God it wasn’t Pudge and Play. Pudge and Play involves getting off on many tangents,
at least 5 typos, and ends up being 5 times as hard as Plug and Play.



I think i might try this one. Razor Huntsman Opto-Mechanical.


Edit: Looks somewhat like my CoolerMaster.

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