New Pacman update error

Today there was an update but could not complete due to an Haskell problem:

warning: haskell-hspec-contrib: unknown key ‘%B35LDDATE%’ in sync database
error: could not read db ‘extra’ (Damaged tar archive)
** there is nothing to do**”

When no updates were made because of this error. Also every program that was from the AUR no longer exists according to yay. I know it’s not a Endeavour problem but an update problem. Just wanted to let people know about this. You’ll spend about 3-5 minutes with the errors scrolling on the screen.

ah AUR is irrelevant**. broken Haskell is in the endeavour-proper ‘extra’ repo.

I ask the forum rhetorically, for you, “under what circumstance would pacman abort an entire system update over one messed-up package”—it’s a fair question.

**AUR irrelevant b/c this is a local repo problem…that I have no idea how to answer…but…where in the system update did it tell you all your installed AUR apps “no longer exists” ?

maybe these would 4 commands, in sequence, would work?:

reflector --protocol https --verbose --latest 25 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
yay -Syyu
eos-rankmirrors --verbose
yay -Syyu

maybe it will clear database error?
sorry I have more questions than answers here

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