New OS install on lenovo ideapad 3 slim - sleep breaks keyboard

I’ve a new install on a lenovo ideapad 3 slim (15ABR8) with a ryzen 7330U series CPU, its a great machine with one major issue out of the box, if I put the machine to sleep when I start it up again the keyboard no longer works, mouse and touchscreen are fine.
I installed the system with cinnamon and swap to file, everything is up to date and I’ve tried the standard and LTS kernels, I’ve not tweaked any parameters as I’ve no clue there, the system also doesn’t seem to have any hibernate options in the cinnamon power management settings.

Anyone got any pointers?

Please check if there are any firmware updates on the lenovo site (or with fwupdmgr tool).

My lenovo t14 AMD had issues with fingerprint reade net being detected right after buying and installing Linux. Some days later there was a fw update and all was good.

Unfortunately it seems lenovo don’t really support the ideapads via lvfs, it did update a couple of parts and I noticed there is a firmware update for the model I have (15ABR8) but they only provide a windows executable to do the update.

I used Hiren’s boot CD on ventoy a few weeks ago and saved the firmware update on ventoy as well booted in and ran the update and was able to run the update from there. Pretty simple actually.

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I think it is a good idea to create a separate partition for Windows just to ease up the firmware and BIOS updates.
I also had this until recently on my Ideapad 5 just for this purpose. You only have to put it back, you already have the Windows license, right?

I’d totally forgot about hirens, grabbing that now.

@Bryanpwo I don’t have a license since lenovo kindly knocked 90 quid off the laptop without an OS which makes them provided bios updates wrapped in a windows executable even more annoying.

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Updated BIOS, hasn’t helped with the issue. It must be something to do with ACPI kernel parameters.