New NTFS3 option with kernel 5.15 not working with mount command

I just upgraded to the latest kernel a few days ago; so far, so good. I also changed the mount option for a shared NTFS partition and it’s showing correctly:

(From /etc/fstab)
/dev/sdb4 /media/VMs ntfs3 uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=0022,dmask=0022 0 2

(After boot)
/dev/sdb4 ntfs3 1.2T 169.5G 1T 14% /media/VMs

However, in a script that I use to sync data with my Windows 10 partition, the mount command is not honoring this:

mount /dev/sda3 -o ntfs3,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=0077,dmask=0077 /media/Windows-C/
/dev/sda3 fuseblk 460.4G 118.2G 342.2G 26% /media/Windows-C

The mount man page makes no reference to this, so I’m thinking I just need to wait for it to catch up. Does anyone know of a way to mount with ntfs3 from the command line?

I don’t have anymore ntfs drives to test with but you may need to install some userspace tools.

There are some in the aur as ntfsprogs-ntfs3 but I have not tried them yet.

OK, thanks - I’ll give that a shot.

UPDATE: chalk this one up to user error. My command should have been mount -t ntfs3 -o ..., not mount -o ntfs3,... Kind of surprised I didn’t get an error.