New laptop, LTS, keyboard NOT working

Received a new laptop yesterday (ASUS E1504GA i3-N305). Wiped Windows and installed EndeavourOS (Budgie and Cinnamon) with the LTS kernel. My keyboard would not work. Used a Logitech wireless. Spent hours searching and trying different suggestion. After doing the same this morning, I decided to boot into the mainline kernel. Everything works. Guessing it is just a matter of time for the LTS to absorb whatever is in the most current mainline kernel.


If I am not mistaken, this would happen in the next kernel series “chosen” as LTS as the current line only will receive bugs and security fixes.

The so called mainline (erroneously so called) is actually the latest stable and as the name implies it should be just fine. This line will also receive bugs fixes from the current mainline in development but no new features.


I figure I’ll update next weekend, and give the LTS another try. I know it is just a matter of time. :+1:

If it is the lack of hardware support in the LTS kernel causing your keyboard not working, I doubt that new hardware support will be backported to older kernel series.

But by all means, give it a try and let us know!

This is exactly why i don’t believe in using an lts kernel on newer hardware.


I only started using the LTS kernel after reading the How to run a stress-free EndeavourOS thread. Still being a relative newb in all things Arch and Linux, I decided to give a few things a shot. At least then I’d know, and have experienced just that much more. I mean, if all else fails, I just wipe and reinstall, which is kinda part of the fun, and why it is good to have a few machines around. The LTS is working perfectly fine on 2 machines (this 6W N5030 laptop, as well as the 6W N6000 desktop). All is good. I continue to learn. :+1: