New Laptop internal mic not working

I wiped Windows before testing anything so I can’t confirm if it’s defective hardware, but I’m assuming it’s not configured properly for Linux

My laptop lists an internal microphone so apparently I have one, it just doesn’t work. There’s no sound when I record anything with my voice. I got a tiny bit of sound when I recorded music on full volume playing through the speakers, but it was barely audible.

I tried playing around with jack retasker and it didn’t fix anything. I also tried switching all the audio settings in gnome and KDE and had no luck

Also, when I plug my headphones in the sound is really quiet and distorted, plus the external mic doesn’t work

Did you already check settings using pavucontrol or pulsemixer?

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Did you check alsamixer and see if it’s muted?


Check the ArchWiki on pipewire - I had to edit /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/alsa-monitor.conf:

Yes, the volume is fine on everything

It’s not muted but is it normal to only have to entries when showing “all”?

share inxi -Fazy

I don’t have any of the folders listed there on my system

can u install sof-firmware reboot and see if this is fixed>

It’s already installed and up to date

This is correct and if you click anywhere on the image allows you to check other F key settings.

Edit: Check the Arch wiki as @archbtw said.

Edit: Also check mic in pipewire

Try installing pipewire-pulse.

Thanks for all who offered help. I just installed windows and tested it out

Nothing works there either so it’s just a pile of garbage laptop

This is happening with me also. Laptop’s internal mic is not working but if I plug in external mic or earphones then I’m able to call or record clear sound.

On Pipewire.

EDIT : I just tried this and Internal Microphone recorded sound but the output was very low and crackling.

Can you post the link to this command for your hardware.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

I’ve turned off my laptop now. I’ll send it tomorrow.

BTW I’ve a Windows VM, internal microphone was working flawlessly there. I also have a Fedora VM and Tumbleweed VM, both of them have the same issue of very low and crackling internal microphone sound. The problem is distro independent…lol

But it’s not a major problem for me as I always use my earphones while doing calls.

Working on Windows is meaningless when it comes to the reason it doesn’t work on a linux distro. It’s probably a hardware issue that takes some troubleshooting to try to figure it out. It could also be related to some of the software now being used in place of pulse audio.