New Kernel not loading


After updating I noticed it not rebooting, it seems the newer kernel isn’t loading. The LTS kernel seems fine though. I have used linux for a few years, only about a year in Arch and Arch based distros like EOS. I’ve never seen anything like this so wasn’t even sure how to go about troubleshooting it

It is pretty common for new-ish kernels to have bugs. Unless you have the skill to try to troubleshoot the issue, I would probably use LTS until it is resolved.

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did it also happen on 6.7.1 and 6.7.0 or was 6.7.2 the first 6.7 kernel that you had on that system?

also, your BIOS is 3,5 years old, you should really update it, the latest BIOS for your machine is from January 17, 2024, the one shown in your screenshot is from July 2020


Yeah I was looking at the BIOS info. The issue happened with 6.7.2 It is running fine on the LTS kernel and I also have a couple extra computers. I was curious about the issue thought maybe i could learn how to fix it but if its due to a bug I can wait for the next update. I’m not a programmer

from a quick look, the only patches regarding spin locks are the same for 6.7.2 and 6.6.14

Could be something else though, too. I am also no programmer.
My steps would be update BIOS and check if it still happens - because operating systems sometimes expect things that came with BIOS changes and break if the BIOS is too old.
You could also check with the linux-zen kernel if that one also shows that issue.

Using the LTS kernel for some time is also a way to go.

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After updating BIOS I did get to the login under the 6.7.2 kernel but then froze after second reboot was in. I think its good. Thanks



Same problem here.

Boot and run OK with fallback initramfs, kernel 6.7.2-arch1-1, with BIOS not updated since a very, very long time. Will try to upgrade the BIOS…

But observed a strange thing : the working fallback initramfs is 51 MB but the new one is only 23 MB. Could there also be something with dracut ?

That is because the fallback contains also all kind of modules that are not specifically needed for your hardware. The normal image doesn’t.

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