New kde update sucks

new kde update sucks in many ways, but I don’t have any option but just to upgrade because most of the tools like gdb don’t even work without upgrading full system.

Where can I get a previous background image? That one with Mountains by Andy Betts? ( in 1600 x 900 resolution if its possible )

How can I get previous task manager ui? The new one that is round is disgusting to me, I liked the 90 degree shaped one ( a rectangle )

Where can I get previous icons back? I don’t like the new ones, especially the new dolphin icon is disgusting.

Where can I solve this?

Or at least how can I correctly exclude all these related things from full system upgrade?


I’m not sure where it is officially but I was able to find a copy on this site, took me 5 seconds to find with a search

You would either have to make this yourself or hope someone makes a widget in this style

I’m not too sure, you would probably have to find the old icon set and replace the icons.

If you really don’t like the update another solution would be to switch to a distro like Debian, Ubuntu etc as they don’t update as often but you will eventually get the update at some point in the future


okay, thanks for writing this

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You’re welcome, remember that Plasma 6 is still very new and if you look at the amount of things that were/are still being made for Plasma 5 (widgets etc) the same will eventually happen for 6. At the moment its just a waiting game.