New install with luks, using pop_OS installed `/boot/efi` and `systemd-boot`

I am attempting to dual boot both pop_OS and endeavour and I’m uncertain of what steps must be taken to install the second OS (endeavour)

I already have pop_OS installed using LVM inside LUKS and systemd-boot.

I have two questions about installing endeavour:

  1. I assume that I choose none when prompted to pick bootloader. If I stick with the default of systemd, this will erase the bootloader that pop_os manages and then I’ll have two different OS that both want to manage/update systemd-boot. At best this is harmless but unnecessary and at worse it’s going to really break booting into one os or the other

  2. What do I do after endeavour is installed? Is it really as simple as just getting the correct dev/part UUIDs and creating a new systemd-boot entry? or will I need to tweak the dracut config at all in some way … etc?

Thanks for your time / feedback!

  1. No, choose systemd-boot. With systemd-boot each os is responsible for their own boot entries. Although I have not tested with popos specifically. It should “just work”

The only thing you should do is make sure your esp is large enough. You are going to have to hold both oses in it. I would resize it before you start the installer.

entries, sure. But what about the efi application that is loaded by firmware? Won’t both popOS and endeavour both have a systemd-boot package that wants to manage BOOTX64.EFI?

Or am I going to have each OS managing their own copy of systemd-boot/conf file and efibootmgr will just show multiple entries?

I carved out 2 gigs specifically for this.

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Unless popos is doing something special, there should only be one copy of it. It may get overwritten but it doesn’t really matter.

Even if you did end up with two copies, it still wouldn’t matter as they would both do the exact same thing.

systemd-boot is different than grub in the way this works.


Gotcha. I went ahead with the install using systemd-boot and things are working. I guess i have a few decades of PTSD from grub and all the times i’ve had windows / another OS nuke my boot :).


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