New install of a NVMe M2 as /home partition

I bought a new NVMe M2 and want to use it as my /home partition.
Is it enough to copy the /home directory from my old ssd and adjust the fstab accordingly? After reboot the NVMe M2 should be recognized as /home.

My approach would be as follows:

  • Install NVMe M2
  • copy the home directory from ssd → NVMe M2
  • Update the UUID of the NVMe M2 in fstab
  • reboot

Or do I have a thought mistake?

I also have the complete home directory as a backup in an external drive

A couple of additional things:

  • You will need to format the drive before you copy the data
  • Once you have all that done and are satisfied that it is working you will have a copy of the data hidden underneath the mount. You will want to clean that up.

But the most important thing is how you copy the data. Make sure you make an exact copy of the data. I would use rsync for that.

Something like sudo rsync -aAXHSv /home/ /mnt/newhome

Doesn’t it depend also on what file system is currently being used. et4 vs btrfs?

Sure, that is self-evident

I copied everything to the external hard drive with grsync.

Is it appropriate to copy the data from the ssd to the new NVMe M2 with grsync.
Or should I use the backup data from the external hard drive?

Currently used is ext4 and the new one i want to use also with ext4

What flags did you use? Be sure you copied the data the way you actually want to see it. i.e. preserving attributes, symlinks, etc.

Ok Thanks a lot. Now i know in any case what i should pay attention to.
I am copying the data again with the flags specified. If it works as it should be everything is ok, if not i reinstall EOS again. This is not a big deal, I have ~.config and ~.local as backup anyway.

As always @dalto you are a great help to me


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