New install - couple of issues with calamara and system updating

I installed EOS on a new machine
When using the live usb the machine was connected to the internet but calamara said it was not. So I did the offline install with xfce.
Here’s a screenshot showing the issue

Later when updating the system it says the system is updated but it is starting a full upgrade here’s a link to screenshot

Then when starting the upgrade I got a lot of errors to do with pgp asking me if I wanted to delete the files screenshot here

Concluding with upstream update failure - screenshot here

Also AUR complaint about gpg screenshot here

What is the actual issue and how can I resolve it??
Thank you

My ISP is blocking the images site as malicious. Is it happening for anyone else?

Try refreshing your mirrors from the Welcome app.

Then run:
sudo pacman -Syy archlinux-keyring

After that:

sudo pacman -Syu

Hopefully this helps.


That message isn’t telling you the system is updated. It is telling you the package databases are updated.

How old was the ISO you used to do the install?

That being said, the solution @pebcak proposed should resolve that issue.

Your keyring is out-of-date so it thinks the packages are signed with invalid keys.

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from last october

That is why. You basically just applied 3+ months of updates at one time. On a rolling release distro like Arch, that can require some manual intervention.

I see.
That’s fine
And looks like @pebcak suggestion is doing the trick as we speak
Thank you


What does this do?


It updates the local databases and then installs the archlinux-keyring.

It is often needed if you don’t update frequently because the packages will be signed with keys newer than your keyring.


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