New Fresh Install Missing Some Plasma Features

In honor of the new ISO release (and because I like to fresh install for the heck of it!) I did a fresh install of the Online Installer with Plasma, making sure all the check boxes were activated. I had two significant headaches after the install that I had to spend some time working out. Following is for others to hopefully find helpful:

Firstly, khotkeys is no longer installed by default, preventing creation of custom shortcuts. (Among others, for some reason Keepassxc cannot be assigned a shortcut in the usual way.)

Secondly, several plasma widgets that I use are not available in the default install because kdeplasma-addons is not installed. Among them the Application Dashboard, Weather and Sticky Notes widgets.

I spent some time hunting down the above solutions, so hopefully someone else will save some time.


Thanks for the report!

@joekamprad, we probably should add khotkeys if it isn’t added already.


Has anyone else noticed that Breeze Twilight isn’t applying correctly in fresh installs?

You’re probably missing breeze-gtk

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go and report back!

Edit: Nope, that’s installed by default. I’ve also had the issue on Debian, so…bug?

I have the same issue, it’s lacking many features. Can i get the old iso’s package list?

Just install the plasma group if you want something similar to the old ISO.

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