New firmware 20231030.2b304bfe-1 introduces amdgu error

Today I found out that new firmware package linux-firmware 20231030.2b304bfe-1 introduces a new error/warning in logs of one of my PCs:

kernel: amdgpu 0000:26:00.0: amdgpu: Secure display: Generic Failure.
kernel: amdgpu 0000:26:00.0: amdgpu: SECUREDISPLAY: query securedisplay TA failed. ret 0x0

The new firmware came on 3. November. Downgrading to previous version 20230918.3672ccab-1 removes the message.

Any idea what this message is about? It does not seem to do any harm, but because I want to keep the journal clean, it is annoying.

What did you learn from searching this on Google? And what more assistance you want to get here?

I didnt learn much. I learned that there are other people seeing the same message. But I didnt leanr anything about why that is happening now because amds SECUREDISPLAY was already discussed in 2021. I do not even know what SECUREDISPLAY means. And I dont know why that happens to only one of my AMD PCs. Thank you for asking.

We have very knowledgeable people here in the forum. Some of them with close connection to kernel devs etc. They very often know things better. May be one of them knows about his “bug”.

And, also, I am somebody who likes to post strange log message to the forum because a thread like this can help other users. When you see a message in the journal that you do not understand, you can search the forum, find the message, read the thread and understand better. That is it. But thank you for asking.

This firmware v20231030 was marked as “outdated”.

There is a new version of firmware v20231111 released 3 days ago.
Check git commit about amdgpu: 74158e7ac

I am not sure, if it removes this message.


The latest version of the firmware v20231111 fixed some bugs:

Interesting. Thanks for the info.

I am curious to see if the log message is classified as a bug and disappears.