New Deja-dup does not respect theming


I just finished installing Cinnamon, added Papirus icon theme and also installed mint-themes and mint-y-icons from AUR, so all looks fabulous. As next step I installed deja-dup, but it absolutely ignores my theme settings - not only the Mint-Y window borders, but dark theme in general:

I understood that new Gnome applications are using libadwaita and can ignore system theme, but does anybody know if there is a workaround to force Cinnamon theme to Deja Dup?

Many thanks in advance!

Try editing /.config/gtk-4.0/settings.ini log out/in.

I added


to /.config/gtk-4.0/settings.ini but no change

When I start deja-dup from terminal, it says:

Using GtkSettings:gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme with libadwaita is unsupported. Please use AdwStyleManager:color-scheme instead.

Just wanted to share that I have at least a workaround. Apparently you can create your own /.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css where you can define your own colors, which will be accepted by all GTK4 apps. For Mint-Y-Dark themes, this looks quite ok:

@define-color accent_color @purple_5;
@define-color accent_bg_color @purple_5;
@define-color window_bg_color #444444;
@define-color window_fg_color white;
@define-color headerbar_bg_color #444444;
@define-color headerbar_fg_color white;
@define-color popover_bg_color #444444;
@define-color popover_fg_color white;
@define-color view_bg_color #444444;
@define-color view_fg_color white;
@define-color card_bg_color #444444;
@define-color card_fg_color white;

In the meantime, more and more Gnome apps in the repo are switching to libadwaita (e.g. gnome-calculator, baobab, deja-dup etc.) and all seem to be accepting the above settings.

I guess it is now up to the community to create gtk.css files compatible with various Cinnamon themes.
I hope this helps someone!

Reference: Reddit post