New ArchInstall

It happens regularly. It just depends on the forum.

Indeed, as a matter of fact, there are quite an amount of members over here who run pure Arch instead of Endeavour.


What no green? :scream_cat:

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OTOH EnOS haven’t provided an Archinstall Template, or desktop setup yet. That would be interesting!
IIRC there is an API and some examples given, which I haven’t looked into.

An Archinstall EnOS ISO, with templates and whatever the API provides sounds interesting to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why not just use Archfi then? No need to reinvent the wheel when it’s already good.

Sure, why not!
Whatever works!

Although archinstall is official, in a way (archlinux Github repo) and this feels home! :smile:

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I meant why bother with an Endeavour version? If you can go thru all of that effort, just adding the Endeavour repos for whatever you want out of it is way easier than Endeavour creating something almost no one would use.

Because EnOS could (if wanted) create profiles/templates provided by the API, which would make the installation another EnOS system.
Actually an EnOS CLI Installer with Archinstall engine. :person_shrugging:

If you don’t know already from other posts of mine, I really hate don’t trust Calamares, whatever features it includes. Something like PTSDed from it in the past, have read a lot of its code (even if I don’t know the language…) and I don’t like how their devs handle possible errors. I prefer an Arch BTW :copyright: installation, than that. :smile:

Calamares is used by at least 6 other distros that I know of, it’s highly customizable, it’s distro-agnostic, it’s updated with new features/bug fixes literally every 2-4 weeks, the EndeavourOS devs essentially can tell Calamares whatever they want it to do, and a host of other technical features I can’t even remember them all. Just like there’s no perfect distro, there’s no perfect way to install some Linux of your choosing. Calamares is by no means a catch all for every scenario, but I’ve used it dozens of times over the years with various distros and haven’t run into any major issues.

Having used EndeavourOS for almost a year now (man time flies!), I’ve gotten more comfortable and confident with the idea to install something via the terminal which nowadays I find more appealing than say a year ago when the task seemed daunting at best. So for me, the idea of using the archinstall script is more appealing, but I think for new users the de facto Calamares is far and above the best way to install EndeavourOS.

Honestly… if it wasn’t for Calamares, I wouldn’t be here right now. :enos_flag:


What would you gain from this? Like you could use the already made archinstaller and then add the EOS repo then install any EOS specific packages you want like welcome and so on. To me, the biggest feature of EOS (aside from the forum) is their implementation of Calamares.

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My shot at the new archinstall script:

If you want to get a Vanilla Arch install, this is actually a pretty handy way to do it. You could make it as minimal or maximal you wish with some choices of filesystems and bootloaders etc.
Good job from the developers!


Archinstall - Arch Linux Made Easy - YouTube)


You say, “Goodbye” and I say, “Hello, hello, hello” :sweat_smile:


What is this WinGnome? :laughing:

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100% Gnome, but Joey from OMGUbuntu corrupted me a couple weeks ago when I saw this:

My favorite color happens to be blue, and I can’t deny the light/dark wallpaper style for Windows 11 is very very pretty, if you don’t mind where it came from and I’m not a purist, just pragmatic :heart_eyes:

@ricklinux WinPlasma more you :wink: :rofl: :pray:


Good luck on install …


I use Plasma Arch vanilla. :wink: