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This really needs to be put in the Arch wiki or something. /s

I’ve had the worst time of my life trying to download stuff from Indian mirrors.

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Yeah, why is that? if those worked would have been great from in and around India.

Bandwidth used to be super costly a decade and half back… Not the case right now. Someone needs to invest in hardware/infrastructure (the initial cost), but there are higher priority stuff to do here.

Getting universities into the loop is the only solution here, since many government funded universities have decent funding. (probably the private ones too, but I’m not really well versed with that)

I’ve heard some universities mirroring distro repos, but the mirror is for use by students many times. For Arch, IITK used to be a decent mirror in pre-covid era, but it too went unusable.

I might drop an email to the IT persons at my university, but emails rarely ever are read, forget getting a response.

Issue a work order :wink:

Same issue here. But what our people do is after emailing they call that person or any other who can read the email and tell them to check. But most our IT and other service are reading emails, though.

Same here. gov. did reduce the taxes on data what our ISP’s did was to keep the same amount and gave more data quota to compensate. But I think they just robbed us of benefit given by the government.

But I think our infrastructure is much better compared to most countries. I have to rock two connection 1 my fast fiber which has a 100 Gb total quota (40 Gb Day time 60 Gb Night time) costs 2400/= LKR for a month. They also gives me 11 Gb of loyalty data for being with them for a very long time. My 2nd connection 4G 160 Gb total (80 Gb Day time 80 Gb Night time) costs 3495/= for a month. I’ve to use an out door antenna to get good signals though but it’s given to me free of charge by the ISP.

But all in all I think we do have a better internet and structure but the issue is the costs. I tried to run a mirror but costs is too high and I can’t sustain it with my salary.

Mine is a 30mbps up/down, fiber, monthly quota 3.3TB; cost 1070 LKR/month. No day/night separation. 4G is cheaper too.

The situation has improved in the past half decade, but this has come at the cost of near monopolization. Overall packages are cheap, but there isn’t much choice, hence the 2 (major) telecom operators here can do as they wish. I’m spending double on sim recharge than what I did earlier this year. Why? Because I opted for the cheapest pack which came without data and had few minutes of talktime (sufficient for me). But they kept adding talktime and data to the cheapest plan plus increasing its price, and now I’m paying double the price, for something I don’t use.

I’m jealous.

We have 5 telcos,

  1. SLT - All about cables and fiber. And gov. owned.
  2. Dialog Axiata - Main mobile telco with all wireless solutions and they have fiber for business.
  3. Mobitel - It used to be private but now owned by SLT and act as their mobile devision.
  4. AirTel - The company from India and I think they use our country as a test eco system. All mobile phone stuff.
  5. Huth and Etisalat - Used to be 2 companies util Hutch bought Etisalat Sri Lanka. Mobile stuff no broadband stuff.

But the two major fighters are SLT and Dialog. Personally I like Dialog I’ve had no issues with them for some reason I get better service with in few hours after calling them. SLT is pretty bad (can say shit) when it comes customer care and breakdown service.

But I still eny your 3.3 TB :expressionless:

We have 3 - Jio, Airtel and VI (merger of Vodafone and Idea).

Jio entered the market recently with disruptive pricing, and gave 6 months of free calling + 1gb/day 4G data free. Most households got multiple Jio sim cards, and by the end of this “free” period, Jio essentially gained a monopoly. Other telecom operators were reporting huge losses. Most shut down, or merged. Airtel, Vodafone and Idea remained, but they too were posting huge losses. Vodafone and Idea recently merged to form VI. It is still under losses. Airtel posted some growth this quarter, but I’m not very hopeful.

Just because I don’t like this monopoly, I never used Jio for my personal number. I used Vodafone, and when their service deteriorated earlier this year, switched to Airtel. Vodafone really used to be a top notch carrier. Never faced a call drop, and voice quality crystal clear… Those glorious days are gone.

For fiber, I didn’t really have a choice. Jio was the only major provider here in my locality. There were 2-3 other local providers, but their service wasn’t reliable. (High downtimes, low speeds). Only very recently (1-2 months), we got 2 more reliable providers here, but I have no plans to switch. Their base plan has more speed for more price, but I don’t need a 100mbps connection, and so paying for that doesn’t make sense to me.

Jio and Airtel both advertise their fiber plans as unlimited, but put a 3300GB fair use limit. I’m not complaining. The usage in our house has rarely ever gone above 200GB.

Went too off topic on last thread, so split posts :slight_smile:

Yeah, we both went way off. Jio isn’t it the company owned by Anil Ambani? I think I heard a lot of clashes between all the Indian telcos and Jio. I think the company gave a smartphone for free as well with those connections or something.

And 3.3 Tb is more than enough and fair, to be honest. I think our telcos need to do something like that but IT is in the hands of companies because our government doesn’t have a clue what they can do with better IT infrastructure. They think the computer is a digital typewriter and something that they can watch porn in, idiots.

I think the main issue with India is it very large geographically so it’s hard to cover the entire land with thousands and thousands of miles of fiber. Anyway I hope we get a package of 3.3 Tb one day.

Yep it is. It’s Mukesh Ambani. Even I got confused between the two >_<

The huge capital available is part of the reason why Jio could offer half a year of free service.

Yep. Jio came with disruptive pricing, and other telecom operators knew they would lose buisness (which they eventually did).

Not remembering something like that. They did come with a free feature phone with Jio sim. They claim to have made a smartphone in collaboration with Google, but it’s not publicly launched yet.

We’ve got pretty much similar situation too. Take out time to read about the rise and fall of BSNL/MTNL. It’s a govt run telecom, which has more coverage than any other telecom. But because of various reasons, ranging from mismanagement to political, it fell down. For a long time, BSNL/MTNL didn’t have 4G spectrum :woman_facepalming: They also lost the race during fiber boom in urban areas. Right now, they do exist, but their existence is as good as not existing.

Quite true. In metropolitan cities, you can get fiber connection at reasonable cost. For most of India - which is semi urban or rural - fiber is either not present, or is very expensive.

3.3TB is astronomical for an “average” Indian household. As I said, we don’t go beyond 200GB usage. The provider probably want to keep a high FUP limit so as to justify the “unlimited” phrase they market their connection with. The younger generation is quite wary of FUP limits, and if the connection came with like 500GB FUP, it might not have been as popular. In fact, when i first subscribed to Jio fiber, it had a 200GB limit, but a higher speed (100mbps). I guess pretty soon they realized that people don’t like having “limits” even if they aren’t affected. The plans were changed to offer unlimited (i.e. 3.3TB) data at similar prices as old plans, but gave much lesser speed. My current plan at similar prices than old one gives 30mbps.

I’m not sure which one I like. Having limits but enjoying faster speed, or getting slower speed just to not have any practical limit.

This is what I was referring to. I thought it was a smartphone. Either way, they gave the public a phone :wink: .

I wish they come here too. Don’t care about them getting a monopoly as long as I can a higher FUP and descent after-sales service :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Because if they come to Sri Lanka I think our main government-owned ISP would get their heads out of their asses and start being more competitive or otherwise sell out to a better company.

When it comes to speed and all I like to hit a middle ground. As an upper average user I really don’t need a massive speed the I’m happy with the speeds I’m getting right now through both my connections. I would like to have a decent amount of data FUP like you guys for an affordable price.

I don’t run any servers or host mirrors. If I have to do that I would buy a server from a service like Linode or something similar. I might be inclined to run a small webserver but I think I would use Linode for that too.