Network Printer

CUPS does not discover my network printer (Samsung ML-2525w). I followed the instructions ( and did the installations. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

This might or might not help you, I have a Samsung 2510 printer and until I installed the SPLIX driver (Available) I had the same issues…

the driver is mostly needed for Samsung printers surely…

I installed SPLIX but the OS is still unable to recognize the Samsung printer off the network. Anything else I can try at this point? I am running Kubuntu and Manjaro on other network systems and they were able to discover the driver without a hitch. Thanks so much for your interest in helping me out!

I found this:

You can download a Linux driver from this website

Excellent, it worked, thank you!! I did not realize I must secure this driver and install before discovery. I guess it is included in the other distros?

Glad you managed to get it to work! :))

I also have ah HP Laserjet 6MP on the network, it is recognized in discovery (dnssd://HotPrinter._printer._tcp.local/), I load the driver that corresponds to what is working in the Kubuntu system, and when I do a test page it hangs in the job que with “Unable to locate printer.”. I am close what am I missing. Thanks.

Can you ping the IP address of the suspect printer?
Can you temporarily disable the firewall if one is in use?


This seems to work for me, you might want to give it a try.

Choose Jet Direct connection and set up a Socket connection;

Probably other ways to make this work, but I have good luck with this.