Network disappeared

Might as well be a newbie on this one. In my EnOS build, suddenly I don’t have any network access (wired - no wifi). Might have come from an update somewhere, but unlikely. Might be hardware - but unlikely.

I say 2 causes are unlikely, because the same hardware running Arch, and running Garuda - do NOT have the issue. As they both are on the same hardware, and have the same updates (with minor differences, none known to be hardware specific) - it has me baffled for the moment. It has been so long since I even HEARD of a network problem like this, I don’t even know where to look!

Journalctl returned thousands of copies of 3 lines about cups - not sure of relevance. I can get whatever, but obviously can’t post from the ‘stricken’ patient - so I’ll gather when I have a few possible targets identified :grin:

Thanks in advance - I guess it’s another learning opportunity!

If you have the package r8168 installed, try removing it:

sudo pacman -R r8168

and after rebooting see whether you get your network connection back. It’s somewhat of a long shot, but I noticed this package comes installed by default on EndeavourOS, but not on vanilla Arch, so that could possibly explain why one works and the other doesn’t.

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So this rules out the possibility of having the cable unplugged. :wink:

But can you use USB tethering if you want to send any journals, logs, etc.?
Also, you can save any logs to a file and send it from another OS…
By the way, does the EndeavourOS USB installer’s network work?

eos-log-tool could be your friend :wink:


You didn’t happen to put any kernel parameters on your system to rid some of the error messages. I had done that after updating my UEFI because it now has these entries for no vector IRQ blah blah and it was fine until i hit the newer 5.7+ kernels and then i lost wifi but not ethernet. Then i checked and there were mega errors in dmesg so after i removed the parameters it was good. But i have to put up with the those messages on boot up.

This is part of the ‘hard-to-figure’ part of this… No particular changes made, the only unusual thing I’ve done is IgnorePkg linux temporarily because of ‘oddities’ reported with 5.8.8 (still on 5.8.7) - but that’s true of all 3 systems I mentioned. About all that happened (apart from updates) is some browsing, and some bash coding/testing - and I spread that across systems too (including on the live EnOS).

Off to try some stuff - and perhaps gather some logs…

2 good ideas - especially because I don’t seem to have any! Back awake now - will start the journey…

Do you have a compelling reason to not use linux 5.8.8?

No - just sounded like trouble on the way (GParted etc) - I guess I could try that too! BTW - I am on the live installer right now, so that’s not a problem.

Could I have ‘un-matched’ the kernel with other things accidentally? That’s the next check :grin: Thanks for the thought!

I guess the gparted problem will be sorted soon because it is used so much.
Fortunately there are other tools that can do about the same as gparted.

Apparently I am one of those tools :grin: I popped 5.8.8 back on, and I am back on EnOS without any perceptible problems…

As is no surprise to anybody when an EnOS install has a problem, it is most likely ‘user failure’! Looking back at it, I might not have downgraded the linux-headers at the same time as linux - leading to a mismatch - and the result was no network access! I would have expected something more dramatic than that - but I also would have expected to be smarter (sigh).

Thanks for the help and suggestion - that was self-generated problem!

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Partial downgrading can bring very strange issues, and this is a living proof! :smile:

Anyway, gparted seems to fail here too, but I just installed partitionmanager and that seems to work (although I think it is not as nice as gparted…).

One can always go back to fdisk :grin:

Speaking of living proof - here is the exemplar of:

to fix a problem - first undo the last thing you did! Doesn't matter if you don't think it's related - it probably is!

BTW - the 'Change resolution' added to Welcome really hits the spot on installing on a high dpi screen! Should earn a favourable review mention on the next one up...
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