Network connection issues with multiple variables


I’m trying to install arch linux on both an old Dell laptop and a macbook 2014. I’ve used Manjaro, endeavoros and arch linux boots, and both the network manager and iwd. For some reason, I can connect to my university’s network (network manager or iwctl show say i’m connected) but I can’t ping and proceed to the installation. I’ve tried my university’s encrypted and non encrypted wifi, eduroam, tethering and a mobile hotspot… it won’t work… I’ve installed the three distros before on multiple computers including an older macbook and I never had such connection issues, but i always used my home wifi during the installation. Why in the live boot I can’t connect? It’s the same for both laptop’s chip and a usb dongle I have. Also, I’ve been able to connect before on the same networks with the same parameters, only after the installation.

Do you guys have an idea what’s going on?

I can’t go back home right now, and yes i can install offline with endeavoros, but i’m really curious about what i’m doing wrong.

could be it try to use wpa3 and the network or the wifi card only supports wpa2 ?
And welcome here :enos:

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