Network Configuration Issues

I’ve recently uninstalled ProtonVPN from my Linux machine, and afterwards I wasn’t able to use my network even though I’m connected to the Wi-Fi and even opted for the ethernet and no luck.

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It is hard to say what the exact issue is but there are two likely things to check.

  • The first is that the VPN client made changes to your DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf and didn’t revert them.
  • The next is that it put firewall rules in place to block outbound traffic.

Start by checking the DNS settings.

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Thank you I’m glad to be here.
It must be the /erc/resolv.conf because it is just displayed as
nameserver ::1 and when I change it to
everything works just fine.

But it keeps changing back.

Check the dns settings in network manager for your connection.

There is no dns for all my connections, I’ve checked.

But it keeps changing back.

Check if ProtonVPN created this file:

This may be the reason if the setting is not preserved over boot.

Custom DNS servers - Archwiki

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No there is no such config in that specified path.

Check if systemctl status NetworkManager isactive (running)

and then you can try to make a file there for settings.
Create a folder (if it doesn’t already exist) and put a configuration file there:

sudo mkdir /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/
sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/dns-servers.conf

and copy paste this to nano:


Save the changes to a file, restart the machine.

And, if this does not help after a reboot, you can delete the created file.

Thank you everything is working as expected.