Neofetch states I'm using several different themes and icons packs at the same time


My theme is arc-dark and my icon pack is papirus-dark. Github pages for both clearly state that they support GTK2 and GTK3, yet for some reason neofetch shows that I have 2 themes and 2 icon packs applied:

Themes: Arc-Dark [GTK2], Arc-Darker [GTK3]
Icons: Papirus-Dark [GTK2], Qogir [GTK3]

I’ve only installed papirus icon pack through pacman from arch repository and applied both icons and theme in “Appearance” settings section.

Is this a neofetch bug or maybe I indeed somehow managed to apply 2 themes at once? What would be the best way to check it?
Visually I haven’t noticed any glitches or inconsistency…

As always big thanks in advance for any suggestions!

You may have some leftovers in file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini.
If you look the the source code of /usr/bin/neofetch, around lines 3060-3071, you’ll see it takes and later shows more stuff, even if you don’t have that installed.

So it looks like a neofetch bug.

Thanks for the reply!

Currently it looks like this. Should I edit it and remove lines containing unused theme/icons or it’s better to leave it as it is?

gtk-font-name=Noto Sans 10

I would update the theme name if Papyrus supports gtk3. Instead of deleting it.

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Neofetch has a bug, it still detect the Xfce theme as GTK2, not GTK3. If Neofetch was not buggy, the GTK3 theme would be right.

If gtk2 is installed on your system, install lxappearance package and launch it every time you change a theme, choose the theme and apply, you won’t need to edit the config file.

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Thanks for the clarification!

What puzzles me though is since, from my understanding, active theme is read from settings.ini and this file clearly has the wrong entries - why I’m still able to use without any issues currently selected Arc-Dark?

I mean if not mentioned neofetch bug I wouldn’t even notice that something might be wrong.

Because Xfce has its own settings files, the themes are set in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xsettings.xml .

You can use the settings editor through the settings menu or launch xfce4-settings-editor for the GUI.

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