Neofetch en serie de Netflix

Yesterday I was watching for hours a Netflix series called, at least for the South American market, Inhuman Resources in which there was a scene where neofetch is seen on a computer with Mate, I found it curious and I publish it:

The series is French and with a very good plot, I recommend them!


Now for the €1000 000 question: Is the character who owns the computer named Charly?



but they take 20,000,000 euros …

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hmm there’s something fishy with that program… its top menu is localized for French, but its popup menu is not localized… Someone has done half of a job there… I wonder if it was the GFX guys or the dev of that program if it exists at all :slight_smile:

Still… its better than those extremely custom OSes that are generally depicted in movies, with funny looking desktop effects or pure terminal GUIs with beeps and other noises.

That neofetch though… it’s a typical app for a criminal to use (or the bad-ass criminal hunter, I’ve no idea what the movie is about). They’d want to feel l33t when they hax0rz. Nothing makes you more 1337 than having your Arch themed neofetch open while you use face recognition software!!11!!!