Need to reinstall package to get -git updates

I’ve noticed that some of my packages do not follow the git updates but when I reinstall them they pull the latest code from git and as a result update the package. ( e.g. rpcs3-git )

Is there anyway to get them to check for changes and install the updated package via the yay command?

yay -Syu --devel

Edit: Forgot to mention, before you can run the above command, you need to run

yay --gendb

yay can track newer versions of git packages by comparing git commit hash.

from their manpage

              During sysupgrade also check AUR development packages for updates. Currently only
              Git packages are supported.

              Devel checking is done using git ls-remote. The newest commit hash is compared
              against the hash at install time. This allows devel updates to be checked almost
              instantly and not require the original pkgbuild to be downloaded.

              The slower pacaur-like devel checks can be implemented manually by piping a list
              of packages into yay (see examples).

The yay --gendb command will create a database of the git packages, whose hashes are later checked when you update.

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Thank you so much for that, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

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You’re welcome :blush:

You will have to run the gendb command whenever you install a new -git package.

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Are you sure? I have never run that command and I am getting development updates on all the machines I manage.

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Hmm. Guess I missed out reading closely.

              Generate development package database. Tracks the latest commit for each development package, when there is a new commit Yay will know
              to update. This is done per package whenever a package is synced. This option should only be used when migrating to Yay from another
              AUR helper.

Looks like this is automatically handled when a package is installed (synced).
Thanks for pointing it out. :pray:

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