Need to enable aur

I need to enable aur repo so I can install ccrypt. On my other PC the Pamac pkg manager had a feature to enable aur, but this [latest] EndevourOS install doesn’t have Pamac.
I’ve read that aur is enabled by default in EndevourOS, but my efforts to install ccrypt pacman -S ccrypt fails.
Any advice would be most appreciated.

you need a AUR helper to fetch build and install AUR builds we have yay installed per default for that:
yay ccrypt


@joekamprad, Thank you! So simple and powerful.


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Either install an AUR helper, such as yay or paru, or git clone the git file, cd into the directory and type makepkg -si.


yay comes installed with Endeavour and is (if I remember correctly) the only AUR package to ship with Endeavour.

You should be able to install paru via yay. . . But you can always do it the old fashion way with makepkg.

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If you prefer a gui (I know this is a terminal centric distro) you can install pamac with yay and then use pamac to install aur apps/update

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you could also download the packagebuild from the AUR site and run

makepkg -si

assuming it doesnt depend on other AUR packages. I like this way a bit better but helpers work too :+1:

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The version of yay that ships with EndeavourOS is already packaged and comes from the endeavouros repo, not from the AUR.

Yes, but you should look into how the AUR works. Using an AUR helper like yay blindly without understanding the ALPM and how packaging works on Arch Linux, and how the AUR works is unsafe and can be potentially dangerous. Anyone can upload any PKGBUILD to the AUR, and if you’re not careful, you can inadvertently execute malicious commands while building a package locally.

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Oh ya. I know that. So it was an AUR package. . .

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